icon276 Zap’n’Match

A game of luck and skill and fast thinking and luck.

Connect 4 meets Tetris meets speed, with added ingredients.

icon2167Zap the blocks to move them to the top of the screen and match the fallen blocks with each other for points. But don’t take too long and don’t let those blocks get too high.

Shake, Rattle and Explode

  • Shake   – shakes things up a bit.
  • Wind*  – a whirlwind really mixes things up.
  • Bomb*  – explosive help.

Your choice – play at your pace

  • NORMAL mode : Fast paced & easy but grows increasingly difficult.
  • RELAX mode*    : Slow paced very easy puzzle game.
  • HARD mode*     : Fast paced, challenging, puzzle game.

In hard mode you’ll get extra bonus blocks that have their own unique challenges to unlock.


Feeling a bit bored? Got the time for a quick game of something but don’t want to get too involved? Try this game, you might like it.

Added features

  • NO annoying ADVERTS during gameplay, tracking or spying.
  • Local high score table – play with your friends – try and beat their score, not some cheater 5000 miles away.
*** New for v1.35
  • Added music
  • Added a mini game to gain time or points bonus between levels
  • Lots of optimisations for battery life and a few bugs squashed
  • Refined game logic so it’s both easier and more difficult
  • Refined sound so it’s not so loud
  • Chance to sample later level in free version
  • Refined graphics and user interface

COMING SOON – in relax mode, play with gravity and shake your iPad to provoke “things”.


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